Thursday, November 15, 2012

Party Boys

It's been a nonstop November o'Fun for the Boys at the Zoo--first weekend, a Sammy rescue party; second weekend, a golden retriever rescue party third weekend, a dog show, and today, Mr. Big's birthday. Take a look:

"I spy...lots of other fluffy white dogs!"

"I'm joining the dogs in the tent--they know how to party."

"Whatcha got there, bub?"

"Hey, don't pet him! You know he's not a Samoyed, right?"

Pooped pups.
No photos from the golden party, but a 43-second video. No shots of either of the 2 Sammies that were there.

Happy Barkday, my sweet boy! He's 13 years young today; and I mean young. This is the dog who started getting younger after he finally became comfortable in his new home lo these many years ago. The eyes have softened, the gait is slower and stiffer, and he has trouble on slippery surfaces, but the heart is still there, strong and brave and true.