Sunday, February 7, 2010

In Which I Do Culture

It was a dark and stormy day in the desert, and so my friends Tania and Monica and I spent it viewing an exhibit of Ansel Adams photographs downtown at our local Art Museum. The first Sunday of every month is free, and it was very crowded, more so than I have ever seen it. The last day of the exhibit is next Sunday, and I didn't want to risk missing it. It was the perfect opportunity to combine my mantra of living beautifully on a budget with supporting local arts endeavors. It was wonderful! His photos are so breathtakingly beautiful. I'd watched a documentary on him last year on PBS, so I already knew a little about his life. I didn't know until seeing this exhibit how much he tinkered with the processing, to get deeper, darker blacks or greater contrasts or, in one instance, even remove some graffiti from a rock face. Tania says that if the master can do that, she will not feel guilty about using Photoshop.

The rain was nonstop all morning and into the afternoon. It would have been a perfect day to tackle more of Anna Karenina, which I am currently reading for my online book club. It may rain midweek again. January and February have been almost normal for rainfall, and our drought dessicated desert needs it so desperately. I hope we get more, and will just prop my aching tendinitis-afflicted foot up and ponder middle age and nature when the two co-occur.

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