Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's Stripey Girl's Adoption Day!

Yes, back in 2004, Miss Pistol was adopted from our local Humane Society. The card on her cage read "very friendly, affectionate, okay with dogs," and you know how I love striped cats. I didn't want to adopt another silver tabby so soon after losing Miss Camille, but this cat was brown, and medium to long haired, so I thought that would be enough of a difference to make it not seem like I was replacing Cammy, who was irreplaceable. So I adopted her on the 29th, although she came home the next day, the 30th (they were going to spay her, except that they found after she was shaved that she was already spayed).

Friendly? Yes. Affectionate? Well, yes, when she wants it. Where was the warning "This cat can be a pistol?" She is a stinker sometimes, which means she fits in perfectly with the rest of the human/canine/feline denizens of the nest. She was wary of the dogs for 4 weeks, refusing to leave her bedroom. But by week six, after a couple of quick forays out and mad dashes back, you could see her watching George stroll past the dogs and thinking "Well, they're not eating that cat, they may not eat me." Once she ventured out, that was it, the fear was gone. This first photo was taken the day she came home. I'll add a more recent one later.

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