Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Am I Blue Shawl

Bernat Crochet Shawl 4922. Paton's Lace Porcelain, 1.3 skeins (next time, use more), wet blocked dimensions 44 inches by 26 inches (I'd like it a tad bigger--will try steam blocking to get another inch out of it). After I figured out the designer wanted you to crochet in the ch 1 sp and in the ch1 itself, it was easy as pie.


  1. Holy cow! That's gorgeous! That makes me want to grab a hook and make a shawl ... NOW. Really, really beautiful work. Is that a variegated yarn or did you change colours every few rows?

  2. It's the colorway--it has really long runs of color. If you want some, ging, let me know. Pick the colorway you want and I'll be glad to send you some.

  3. That is absolutely beautiful! I love the looks of shawls.