Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mr. Big!

Well, happy belated birthday, Biggie. I'm afraid everything is on hold here in the Nest right now, as our beloved little Piebald Kitty had been tentatively diagnosed with cancer. But we did celebrate Mr. Big's 12th birthday on Tuesday with a special can of wet dog food for breakfast and then one his favorites, tuna, with dinner. He's feeling pretty good these days, and with the weather cooling off--finally--to more Samoyed-friendly temperatures, and a Tall Boy (Golden Boy) to keep him company, Mr. Big's life is much better than it was earlier this year. So Happy Barkday (in Interweb dogspeak) to my darling boy, my beautiful boy.


  1. 2nd to last picture. Wow I thought I was the only one that ever had a Sam that beyond puppyhood could put their backs legs like that.
    Congratulations on Mr Bigs Birthday
    From Sanfans
    Plus the 1-rescue, Macy

  2. we had one that could. we called them jets.
    happy 12th, miko. we look forward to sending you regards for your 13th !!!!!
    love you,
    j, terry and maliy

  3. We call them 'froggy legs" around the Nest. Pupgirl rarely laid like this, but Golden Boy does all the time, too. It's pretty hilarious to see them laying side by side, froggy legs, or turkey legs, straight out behind them.