Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mossy, Where Have You Been?

I know, I know--2 months, two months, since I posted. It seems like 2 weeks.

First, Mother of Mossy arrived for her holiday visit at the end of November. You know how it is with out-of-town visitors, even if it is your mother. Schedules are thrown to the wind. Menus are completely overturned and you eat things you normally don't. You wind up waiting for things you never do or going places you never do.

Second, I started a crazy, stressful, out-of-town project for work that lasted 5 weeks. The weather was frigid. One person decided it was too much for her and ditched in the middle of my project. Since it was a small crew, her departure cost me 25% of my crew. Trying working with 25% of your team gone, and still come in on time. Somehow, I did it.

Third, Mr. Big completely lost his rear end on December 18. The veterinary neurologist charged me an obscene amount of money to then insist that is was age-related degeneration. He walked his one mile that morning and then a few hours later refused to walk up his ramp into my car and couldn't lift himself up. That's just degenerative? Sounds acute to me. It's still ongoing, even today, one month later. It has me completely stressed as I have to hold him when he uses the great outdoors. I could go on and on about the meds they put him on, the bad reaction to the meds and the anaesthesia, but I'm just so tired, I can't even summon the energy to summarize it all.

Fourth, a couple of holidays, which I didn't get to enjoy so much since I had to be out on the crazy project at 6 a.m. the next day. I'd had my vacation scheduled (for two years!) for three weeks in December to spend with MoM, and it was preempted by this project (although, interestingly, other people were allowed to either postpone projects to take their vacations or took them anyway, but I wasn't allowed to do this. Yes, I was cranky. Very cranky. So cranky my vet's tech even called ma "crabapple." You know you're grumpy when acquaintances can tell you're cranky.). Eleven- to twelve-hours days, temperatures in the low 20s Farenheit, the science was interesting and I saw a rare bird, but I don't have fond memories of this project.

Fifth, Pipsqueak arrived two weeks ago! Yes, the long anticipated puppy, "ordered" 22 months ago, was made in late September and born November 2 and arrived home after a 13-hour journey by car on January 8. Yes, she is adorable! Yes, she is barky (hence her nickname, Pipsqueak, which of course becomes Pupsqueak on occasion)! Yes, I have to take her out every 2-3 hours (another reason I'm so tired). Mr. Big is pretty much avoiding her during his bad time, but Golden Boy loves her and is so incredibly patient. He will actually grab a toy to lure her away from Mr. Big when she tries to engage Biggie in play. She chews on Golden Boy's head, ears, paws, lips, and tail, jumps on him, lays atop his head to pummel him, and basically gives him no rest. Who slept in the crate last night? Golden Boy, wanting some relief! Don't worry, photos to come.

If I could get Mr. Big and Pipsqueak to synchronize their potty needs, things would be so much better. But I'll take her out at 11 o'clock, and he'll decide he needs to go out at midnight. And again at 1:00 a.m. And again another hour later. then Pipsqueak needs to go out. I'm not sure when I last had some REM sleep. I'm so tired, so very tired.

And the client for the crazy project? An hour after we finished the field effort emailed and wanted me to start the next crazy project as soon as possible. I have a puppy that can hold her bladder for 3 hours and an elderly dog that can't stand up, and they want me out of town for 12 hours, for 5 or more weeks. I have no idea how I'm going to manage this. This is the first time I regret not getting married and having kids. Help would be very nice. Picture me sighing here.

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