Thursday, March 21, 2013

Meet Pipsqueak!

Finally, the long overdue introduction to my Pipsqueak. Her mother is Ch. Dusty, her father is Grand Ch. Trace. She is some sort of great-niece or first or second cousin to my beautiful Pupgirl. Born Nov. 2, 2012, came home Jan. 8, 2013. She is growing like a weed--she had her 20-week teeth at 17 weeks. She pummels TallBoy constantly, chewing on his ears, his feet, his muzzle, whatever body part is handy. Mr. Big was ailing pretty badly when she arrived, and TallBoy really was GoldenBoy, running interference to keep her from pestering Biggie. He'd grab a toy and dangle it from his mouth to distract her. That DoodleBug is one amazing dog.

Mr. Big is feeling better, and she's doing all the appropriate puppy things now--licking his muzzle, laying down in front of him, stomach up. Of course, she also runs like crazy past him and will knock him off his feet. His balance and strength are improving, but a 32-lb puppy missile is still just a bit too much for him. Biggie has resumed his dog park cop job, barking at Pipsqueak and DoodleBug when they play too rough, which is nearly all they do, all day long, which means there is a lot of barking going on in my house right now. A lot. So much that I want to howl "Does no one have any consideration for my poor nerves?!?" Pipsqueak's bark is that high-pitched, eardrum-shattering, glass-breaking puppy bark that can drive strong men to drink. Pupgirl had that and it quieted a bit, as did she, with maturity, so I'm hoping Pipsqueak does, too.

Pipsqueak on the right, her sister, Brown Girl, on the left

"What have I gotten myself into?"


Doing what dogs do

Talented sideways dogs

"Human work is boring, and being a puppy is exhausting. I'm taking a nap."

Pipsqueak meets rain.


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  1. She's no Pipsqueak, she's a young woman! Look at her! Getting so grown up! And all are so beautiful! I am familiar with the young bark that goes right through you. I have one who's young bark never aged, one with a more retrained, controlled bark. So glad Mr.Big is feeling better! Please post more pics! <3 C