Thursday, September 26, 2013

Half-Hearted Training and Urban Nature

Mr. Big's rear end weakness/degenerative myelopathy has resulted in him having accidents in the house. The effort of standing up sometimes causes him to lose some bowel control, and he'll poop in his sleep sometimes. I don't mind, really, I don't. After twelve years of unconditional love, the least I can do is clean him up and clean up after him. At least it's not diarrhea, I kept telling myself.

But females in heat often have diarrhea, and yea, you guessed it, Pipsqueak now has diarrhea.

My whole house smells, despite vigorous cleaning. Twice a day, per dog, right now. Big sigh.

And I have out-of-town visitors coming to stay for a week on Sunday. That'll be nice for them, huh?

Backyard birding:

lesser goldfinch
house finch
Gila woodpecker
and the evidence of a hawk's dinner in my front yard (an eviscerated pigeon)

DoodleBug and I saw another coyote on our morning walk, too. He was in good shape, after a fairly rainy summer and thus a good supply of food. I've been slowly adding a little distance to our walks since DoodleBug and I are doing the SAAF AIDS Walk in mid-October, and while it's only 5K, it's a slow 5K because of the crowds, which means it'll take twice as long as 3.1 miles would for us on a regular walk, and will run later and it'll be sunny and hot halfway through the course. Yesterday we did 1.9 miles. The mornings are, at last, a little cooler, so these walks are becoming very enjoyable again.

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