Friday, May 20, 2016


Last year, you may recall, the canine nesters and I took rally classes. Rally is obedience training on steroids, with cue cards. Much to my surprise, I enjoyed it. I really had only taken the classes to practice general obedience with them, and frankly, after nearly 4 years in continuous classes, we were all bored. How many nights can you practice sit? And the first class, which was an hour of right and left turns, made me think, "ugh, this is maybe was a mistake." And then, suddenly, they added in some more difficult exercises and we were hooked. About? Front? Right finish? We can do this! However, with all the work craziness, and now the non-work stress, plus budgetary considerations, we haven't been in a class since last summer.

So Wednesday, DoodleBug and I decided to drop in on the OPDTC fun match and try our hand at novice rally. And we sailed through it and got a 94. Three points off for tight leash in places where he started to wander, and then 3 points off for Doodle deciding to lay down at the start of the front/finish right station. We were given the opportunity to do the course again after all participants were done, and the judge came over to tell us we were very, very good.

If the work situation ever resolves, we may dip our paw back into rally. So, instead of signing off with tally-ho, we'll sign off wth rally-o!

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