Friday, January 15, 2010

In Which The Beasts Are Named, and Lentils Are Consumed

Sunset from my backyard last summer. I thought those Maxfield Parrish colors were made up till I moved out here. Now I see them every day.

The dogs are known as Pupgirl and Mr. Big, a.k.a. She Who Roars and He Who Snores. They have joined me in middle age, and we are all feeling it, to one degree or another.

The lentil and barley shephard's pie was okay, but it needed more potatoes for the topping (I used all five that I had, but really 7 or 8 would have been better, if not 9 or 10). And some gravy. Everything is better covered with gravy.


  1. Either you fixed the comments link or my home computer is okay and for some reason known only to the cybergods, my work computer is not!
    Beautiful picture! As you mentioned, the colors are gorgeous!
    And yes, "Everything is better covered with gravy."
    Perhaps you should needlepoint that for your kitchen?

  2. I think the boat for learning needlepoint has long sailed. After all, I'm blind as a bat as it is. Your name doily alone probably caused the change in eye glass prescription from last year, LOL.

    And it would need to read, "Everything is better covered with gravy, or chocolate, or saute'd onions." They cover any culinary sin.