Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In Which I Celebrate the Birth of Pupgirl

Nine years ago today, a dog named Star was recuperating from her overnight whelping of a litter of nine pups, 7 boys and 2 girls. The first born, right after midnight, was a girl, and she was named Red Dog. As she grew, she became, in the exact words of her breeder, "a stinker." That stinker became my stinker 11.5 weeks later.

Today is Kazia's (a.k.a. Promise's Sonora Desert Star) birthday, and as recently as Saturday someone said to me "She's 9?" Except for arthritis in her shoulders, you'd never know she was a senior girl as she still acts like a puppy, and I suspect always will. Her grandmother or great grandmother lived to be a pretty healthy 16, so I'm hoping she inherited those good genes.

I'll have to scan the photo I have hanging over my desk of her when she was just a pup so you can see how beautifully she's grown.

Happy Barkday, Kazimiera! May we have many, many more together!

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