Friday, March 19, 2010

In Which Spring is Sprung

Here in the Nest, we know that tomorrow is officially the first day of spring, but spring arrived here in the desert on Tuesday. Seasonal changes are subtle in the desert. Spring and autumn are fleeting, so new arrivals to our harsh desert often miss the subtle signs of seasonal segues. Spring's arrival is marked by a softness to the air. When Pupgirl and I left home in those last pre-dawn moments Tuesday morning, that time when the sun is still below the horizon, the clouds are not yet tinged with color, and all is gray, we could feel it--Spring. The temperature was still in the low to mid-40s degrees Farenheit, but the winter chill was gone and the air felt soft. We both walked with a spring in our step.

It won't last long, this spring. The days will gradually warm to the 70s, even 80 degrees Farenheit, while nights will still chill to the 40s, then the 50s, and then the 60s, and the temperature swings over the course of the day will even out for a short time. That's when the doors and windows are thrown open, and left that way all day and all night, despite the pollen rain.

Then, before we know it, and long before we are ready for it, the temperatures will be in the 90s, pushing 100, and then over 100, and will settle in for summer.

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