Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In Which I Diet--Sort Of

A year and a half ago, I was appalled at a certain number that showed up on the scale at the doctor's office. I vowed to lose 10 lbs, bought The South Beach Diet book, and proceeded to reach my ultimate secret goal of 14 lbs. lost in a month. I told myself that I had a threshold weight I wouldn't allow myself to go over.

All this time that has not been a problem. It wasn't a problem until I learned to bake bread this Christmas, that is. I realized last month that I had gained 3 lbs. over my maximum weight at Christmas, so I tried to lose it. Just one pound budged. Walking an extra mile at work with Lady Scientist J from the lab next door hasn't helped one bit. Maybe I was adding muscle and that's why the needle on the scale wasn't budging, thought I.

Sunday I measured my waist. That three pounds equals an entire inch! And I can feel that uncomfortable extra weight around my waist, constraining me as I move. So back on the diet I went (although not as rigorously as before, since I just want to lose the three pounds). No more bread, and what sweets I have are slowly getting eaten up (e.g., I gave some to the grapefruit pickers when they were over the other day--more on that tomorrow), not thrown away. After all, I ate sweets that whole year between the original 2 inches lost and now, so I think too much bread is my problem, not necessarily the sweets.

So, here is my first SBD meal, and I'm quite proud of it since normally I'm very bad at fish: the Mediterranean Cod Skillet from the SBD Supercharged book. Zucchini, onions, garlic, tomatoes, cod--who could ask for anything more? It does involve a small cheat, since I had some potato dumplings I didn't want to throw out (and potatoes are a big no-no on SBD). But delicious!

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  1. I'm a Weight Watcher, not a SoBe-er, but I know many who are and they love the diet. Gen & Murray do the 2-week whenever necessary, even though, like you, in general they're good, healthy eaters. Ricky did SoBe, too, for a while, lost a lot, has more recently make WW his lifestyle choice, but was a fan, too.
    I noticed with WW that even though my points per day = 22, if I stay rigorously within my points, NOT using the extra 35 I have for the week, if my daily points include the 5 for a morning bagel (my old breakfast of choice - I'm a HUGE bread person), the scale budged, but it moved like the continents shift - very slowly.
    Once I took bread out of the picture and changed my morning breakfast, voila! Better weight loss!
    So I'm not surprised by the effect the bread had on your weight/body. And homemade bread, no less??? I'd be 50 pounds up by now!!!