Sunday, April 25, 2010

In Which Food Photos Tantalize the Gentle Reader

Here you go, Gentle Reader, photos of the fabulous meals discussed in the last post. My, I love good food! Eat your heart out.

First up: vegetable curry, nestled in a coconut.

Next, the pistachio-encrusted salmon on black beans, with a chipotle salsa, and a microbrew from the Pacific Northwest.

And finally, my chicken stuffed with brie, atop portabello mushroom ravioli with a cream sauce.

Yum!!! Delicioso!!!


  1. I had mustard-encrusted salmon Saturday. OMG the best salmon I've ever tasted, I will get again! Served with asparagus (one of my favorites) and sliced roasted red baby potatoes.

  2. Eyew! Asparagus! Blech! Double my potato serving, please, or give me another veggie. But I really like salmon, too.