Sunday, June 27, 2010

In Which the Nest Vacations

Yes, Gentle Readers, the Mossy Nest has been on holiday for a week. We ate (a lot), we walked (a lot), we hiked (a little), and bird watched (a little). So, for the next few posts, we'll share some photos of places we visited and birds we saw and books we read. And yes, we are tired after our vacation, and need a vacation from the vacation!

Tiger lilies do not grow out here in the Wild West, and I'd forgotten how they are almost a weed back east, they are so prevalent and grow so easily. Gorgeous! I do miss long seasons of flowering plants out here.

A barn swallow, sitting on the box in which it nests.I love how iridescent his wings are in the early morning sun.

Just a not-quite-artsy enough photo of one of the nesting boxes, but I like it anyway.

All of these photos were taken during a birding expedition to the Richard de Korte Park in the Meadowlands, where a former landfill has been returned to its swampy origins. There are some nature trails that go out into the wetlands, with birding spots, seats, and informative signs. Unfortunately, the trails out into the wetlands are currently closed, although guided tours are available twice a week (and sadly I couldn't make the tour). There were only 2 other birders there the morning I was, so it's a very personal birding experience.

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