Thursday, September 2, 2010

In Which We Jog and Talk Foundation Garments

How's that for a teasing lead-in, eh?  LOL

The days are starting to get shorter now, here in the desert. The sun is rising just about 6 a.m., not 5 a.m. as it does over the summer. How do I know that? Well, certain very fluffy dogs and I must walk at 5 a.m. during our summer heat or certain fluffy dogs will fall over with heat exhaustion. And certain fluffy dogs that don't get their walk get grumpy and have tons of excess energy which gets funnelled into mischief making, so it's just better all around if we get up at a ridiculous hour and join the other heat haters/sensible folk in my neighborhood who are also out walking their dogs or running at the ridiculously early time of 5 a.m.

How's that related to my marathon? Well, to keep training on schedule, which at this point means walking 3-4 miles every Tuesday and Thursday until Marathon Day Dec. 12, I either have to walk in what will be ever increasing early morning grayness swiftly turning into inky blackness, not walk the dogs (but see above statement re: mischief making), or change my schedule somehow.  I opted for walking the dogs their 1 mile, then going back out for 2 or 3, and using interval training to get my miles completed in a (hopefully) shorter time span which will let me get to work on time.

So today I implemented more interval jogging. Don't be impressed--I just jog between the short ends of the blocks around my neighborhood, so maybe 200 ft/interval at the most. But I did that something like 8 times today, the most interval training I've ever done. No knee twinge. No sore ankles. Hooray!

And I am so glad I spent $36 on a new sports bra on Saturday. No bouncing (well, not that a flat-chested middle-aged woman can bounce much anyway). Those girls were firmly ensconced in a structural support matrix of epic proportions. I can barely get the thing off afterward it's so tight, as it's one of those over-the-head foundation garments. Yea, I guess my old sports bras were so stretched out that they should have been replaced a long time ago. I need to break down and replace things more frequently than once a decade...

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