Sunday, October 24, 2010

In Which I Bake for the Dogs

It's pretty obvious from these few months of blogging that we like to eat here in Nest. We like to cook and bake, too. And that includes baking for the canine and feline inhabitants of the Nest.

The big sister of Mossy gave us a book on baking homemade treats for your dogs a couple of years ago ("The Ultimate Dog Treat Cookbook" by Liz Palika). I decided this afternoon to make a sweet potato based treat for the Pups in the Nest. After all, I had the ingredients. I had the oven. I had the time.

What I didn't have was good luck. The batter was supposed to be thick and form drop cookies. Mine, despite using exactly the quantities printed, was thin and runny. Methinks there's a typo?

Luckily, the Pupsters are, well, dogs; they'll eat anything. We baked this batch up as big biscuit blobs instead of tidy little drops. After an initial worried look I translated as "Hmm...What is she trying to feed us?," the dogs were happy to provide their culinary assistance. The cookies were a hit. Ugly, not at all what they were supposed to look like, and rather a bright orange, but they must taste good since not a crumb was lost during canine mastication.

Forthwith, a photo of lumpy sweet potato blobs.

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