Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Shawl Madness

I have recently become obsessed with shawls. Needless to say, at 112 degrees Farenheit out here, there's no need to curl up under a cosy shawl. Unless it starts raining, and the temperature drops 20 degrees, and the air conditioning cools the house down too far. I made a shawl for myself over the new year holiday, and liked it so much, I made my sisters the same shawl. That was the second shawl I ever made (the first was crocheted, Eva's shawl for the pattern; this one was the triangular shawl off the Lion Brand website, if you want to know).

Then I made the mistake of starting to lurk online in the 11 shawls in 2011 forum on Ravelry. As my friend M says "Oh my starts and garters!" (Yes, she really wants to be the stereotypical librarian, even though she would argue against that accusation.) What gorgeousness! These expert knitters and crocheters are making gorgeous lace shawls that are works of art. They are way beyond my skill level, but they did inspire me. So here are two I've made in the past week. I'm working on a third lace-light shawl, and maybe, one day, will work my way up to one of these gorgeous, feather-light pieces that are gossamer thin and lacy.

By the way, the weekly tally now stands at PigeonSlayer 3, Birds 0  A baby mockingbird was the latest casualty (and yes, it was eaten. Ugh.).

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