Friday, August 12, 2011

I Learned a New Word

Crytoscopophilia = the urge to look in people's windows as you pass.

Oh, how I love to do this! Especially at Christmas time, so I can see how people's houses are decorated. I love to see what color the walls are painted, what kind of furniture they have, if there is a fireplace. I have absolutely no interest in the people who live there. I want the house to tell me its story.

You'd think all that loveliness I spy would inspire me to keep my house clean and neat for the people who have the urge to look in my window. Well, as you can't see the mess on the floor, it looks neat to someone peeping in, so hah!

Can you tell I've been sighing over pretty rooms in Better Homes and Gardens again? I just keep telling myself the owners cleaned like fiends and threw everything into the closets before the photographers got there.

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