Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Dog Locked Me Out of the House

Cuddle Muffin has a slight separation anxiety issue. He's okay alone in the house with Mr.Big, but when Biggie has to go to the vet, I can hear him crying from my driveway.The cats apparently are not worthy of companionship status.

He also gets very excited when his harness is on. As in, leaping around the house, slamming his body into cupboards, almost breaking the glassfronts in doors.

Sunday I harnessed the boys up, and then went out to get the ramp into the car ready for Mr. Big (the elderly gentledog needs a little assistance to get up into so high a vehicle; he has a lovely ramp that he trots happily up and down to do this). I could hear Cuddle Muffin crying with impatience and slamming into things. I hoped the cats were in another room.

I went to go inside, and the door was locked. Cuddle Muffin, in his exuberant jumping and scratching at the door, had locked the deadbolt.

My neighbor has a key to the security door, but not the deadbolt as I only lock that one at night. She'll be getting a copy of the deadbolt key this weekend.

Oh, what happened to me? Only a slight pause while I realized what he had done. Luckily, I had my keys on me, so after the slight pause, I started thanking God I had them on me. I will now not be going outside, even to check the mailbox, without my keys in my hand.

Really he should be called Stinker Muffin.

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