Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring on My Shoulder

I couldn't really use my entire tax refund for my credit card bill, could I? It is okay to occasionally splurge on yourself, isn't it? I skimmed just a bit and bought myself this fabulous Tom Bihn Little Swift in kiwi. I love this bag, and I'm not even the purse lover my sister is. I'm so used to my Medium and Small Cafe Bags (also by Tom Bihn), that are more messenger-bag style, that a shoulder bag stills feels weird. But I love it. Love it! How can they discontinue this fabulous color? The only problem? Like all Tom Bihn bags, it will be indestructible.


  1. Oooohhh, your purse-loving sister likee!!!
    Hope I can get one!!!

  2. Hey, I bought me a Swift! I think it will be perfect - and I hope you don't mind I copied you!!!

  3. You will love it! And of course I don't mind that we match. We're both perfect, right? LOL Seriously, I think you'll really like the bag. Monica saw it at lunch yesterday and wrote the company down, so she may be buying one, too.