Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where've Ya' Been, Mossy?

I have not been ignoring you, gentle readers. I have been having massive cell phone/Internet problems at home, as two of the five towers near my home are down, meaning the other 3 are operating at way above capacity. I know this because of my twice- or thrice-weekly phone calls to a certain cell phone company/Internet provider which shall remain unnamed (but which starts with a capital s). After a couple of weeks of problems using my cell phone, I went to the s store and they told me it was my battery (which they nicely replaced for free). Same problems with connecting ensued over the week, so I bought a new phone, even though I really didn't have the money to do so. Imagine how cheesed I was to discover the problems persisting! And thus began my twice- or thrice-weekly calls to the customer service line and weekly weekend visits to the store.

Interestingly, every time I have to go through this step-by-step summary. Each very nice customer service representative tells me that they are very sorry; they are writing everything down; they will issue a ticket for a repair. Every single time. I finally got fed up and when the third person in the same half-hour phone call asked to go through it again, and I am ashamed to admit I got a little testy. What are they typing then, as I can hear the keys tapping over the phone? Sudoku? The New York Times crossword puzzle?

I am very frustrated. My students are taking their online exam in one week. When this all started 5 weeks ago, I told the s company representative, "Well, as long as everything is settled by the time my students are taking their exam on arch 28, so I can be online in the chatroom for them..."  At this rate, who knows when it will get fixed? Grrrrrr!

The funny part: the representative tried to call me, and couldn't reach me (the phone simply doesn't ring, one of the many issues I've complained about).  And they think they are telling me something I don't know when they say "It appears that the tower one half-mile from your house is not working."  Oh, really? Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle. I guess that explain why my phone doesn't work and I can't get online from home.

I apologize. I swore I would never use my blog for ranting, and here I am, ranting. I hang my head in shame.

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