Friday, July 27, 2012

Deva 'Do, Or, The Bride of Frankenstein

I got my hair cut on Wednesday at a salon where a Deva-Inspired stylist works. Deva cuts are a technique for cutting curly hair that involves cutting the hair dry, and cutting individual curls. A daunting task with my hair, which is very thick. At 50 minutes into my cut, the stylist said "I can see why you keep it short--styling this long would take a lot of time every morning." And every Gentle Reader knows I am lazy and would prefer to walk my dogs and eat a hearty breakfast in the morning than take an hour to do my hair.

Now, my normal stylist George is very good with curls, and this spring we'd gone back to an inverted bob, which is a curl-friendly style that I'd had 2 years ago. This stylist didn't like the bob at all, reshaped my hair, and after a frightening 50 minutes during which I bore a close resemblance to the Bride of Frankenstein (complete with white streak), gave me this. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. Luckily, my hair grows really fast and, as my friend J's friend's husband, a stylist, says "The difference between a bad cut and a good one is two weeks." One of my coworkers said she hadn't noticed I'd cut my hair at all, although it did look shorter and curlier. I guess all curls look alike.

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