Monday, August 12, 2013

Dog Walkers vs. Nannies by Gordon Beauchamp

Click here for today's hilarious City Room Metropolitan Diary by Gordon Beachamp. The dog walkers win.

On a more introspective note, we early morning dog walkers form our own little band of intrepid urbanites. We rise impossibly early in the summer, to avoid the heat so our pooches don't suffer. Our pockets are stuffed with treats and bags of all sizes and sometimes an extra leash or flashlight. The fittest among us might even have a pedometer on them. Some of us walk slowly, ambling along at the pace of our senior dogs, savoring the companionship knowing that our time together is limited. Some of us walk quickly, or even run, with our young turks, killing two birds with one stone as we both battle the inevitable creep of middle age around our waists. Some of us walk in fits and starts, overeager pups pulling with all their might to engage with a world that is so fascinating and exciting that they cannot, simply cannot, walk nicely and heel and sit when you stop because, look! A leaf! Look! A squirrel! Look! A plastic bag! Look! Garbage that might taste good! Training walk, human? What's that? Or we walk in fits and starts because our sidekicks have to stop and mark every post and curb and tire and recycling bin. Mr. Big currently hold the I Can Mark It title, with 19 pit stops one morning to let everyone know He Was Here.

Regardless, for me, a walk with my pups is the perfect way to greet the day.

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