Friday, February 28, 2014

Turkey Provencal Soup, and a Bobcat

TurkeyProvencal Soup, Cooking Light 2003. Delicious. I had to improvise as I didn't have herbs de provence, and I didn't have all the herbs that make up herbs de provence, but I had half of them, and that seems to have been enough. Next time I should brown the ground turkey just a bit more so that the flavor is a bit thicker and meatier.

So, was my month of cooking from Cooking Light a success? Well, after three weeks stuck at the same number, my scale did go down a pound in mid-February, but my boss' birthday party earlier this week made it go back up a pound, plus 0.2 pounds, so I'm actually a little bit heavier than when I started. But, I've been eating well, and enjoying it a lot, the recipes, the challenge, the whole shebang. I'm going to continue this challenge in March and see how things proceed as I try to return my exercise regimen back to its normal, pre-sick Mr. Big level.

And a bobcat, walking outside my office. One of our bobcats was limping earlier this week; I hope he's okay and heals completely.

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