Monday, November 15, 2010

In Which Mr. Big Turns 11

It's Mr. Big's 11th birthday! Well, sometime in November is his birthday, so I picked the 15th. This is him ten days ago. [The red patch on his paw is where he must have had a little piece of foxtail this summer. When he started licking it months ago, I looked but found nothing, but, you know, once he starts licking something, he never gives it up.]

He's my big, sweet lug. He'll be getting yogurt and salmon homemade treats for his birthday.


  1. Hey handsome,a big Happy Birthday from the girls in Australia,Xena and Miss Marple. We hope you enjoyed your special treats and had a good time.

  2. Happy B'day, my Miko-Boy! Cioci was traveling all day and didn't go online until just now! SOOO glad you're okay after your trip to the ER the other day... Love you, Miko!!!

  3. He's so adorable. My sammy, Leader, will be 12 years old in March. They are so endearing as they get older.
    Rosemarie Stanish