Sunday, November 28, 2010

In Which Stinkerbelle Is a Star

Stinkerbelle and I decided to do an impromptu visit to our local hospital, where we are volunteers with the Pet Therapy Program. We were walking past the cafeteria, which has a big monitor screen hanging on the wall, when who should flash onto the screen but Stinkerbelle herself! Yes, a photo from the kids' safety fair this year was part of the rotating display of photographs of staff and volunteers. May I shyly add that Stinkerbelle is the only Pet Therapy volunteer in the rotation? Why not, she's gorgeous! And she's a star! I only wish I had my real camera with me to get a good photo of her.

Yes, you may have her pawtograph.


  1. SO very cool! Can I have your autograph, Kazia???

  2. So glad Kazia is feeling better! What a woman!