Sunday, November 28, 2010

In Which We Give Thanks, And...


Despite Mother of Mossy  being hit with a nasty case of bronchitis the day before Thanksgiving, Friend of Mossy, a.k.a. M,  bravely decided to come to Thanksgiving dinner anyway. She asked what to bring, so I suggested mashed potatoes. Which she brought, along with carrots, sweet potatoes, orange and cranberry relish, mushroom and onion gravy, and baked apples for dessert! As MoM was not eating, that meant the counters were groaning with more food than two middle aged ladies could eat. But M did her best, going back for turkey and sides 3 times. There's nothing a cook likes more than seeing someone really enjoy what you made. So come join us for Thanksgiving leftovers, there's plenty to share. With peach pie for dessert.

Don't worry-the canine members of the Nest did not go hungry. They had special cookies I made them for Mr. Big's 11th birthday, yogurt and salmon cookies that stank up my whole house while baking. But they seem to be delicious as the dogs are crazy for them

Yup, everyone in the Nest was stuffed in a very good way. And I was happy to have two people to celebrate my very favorite holiday with, and they are two of my most favorite people in the world.

And MoM is starting to feel better and is eating leftovers, which in some cases are better than when fresh out of the oven.

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