Monday, March 28, 2011

County Fair Entry

My dear friend M is a multi-crafter; she tats, she knits, and she just learned how to do Tunisian crochet (with which she is currently obsessed). She even belongs to a local tatting club. She is the only member under 75, I think. The president was well into her 90s when M joined the club years ago. She joined because she thought tatting produced beautiful items and wanted to learn more about it and practice her skills at it. She's become very good at it, and has made everything from tatted bookmarks for her library to auction off, to lace inserts for her nieces' dresses, to table runners she gave away as gifts. In the past several years, her club has submitted items to the county fair as well as manned a booth promoting tatting and their club during the fair, which is next month. Sunday she brought over this year's entry, which the entire club worked on. She pointed out which row she had done, but alas, I cannot remember because I was so gobsmacked over how lovely it is. It's a tablecloth in a lovely, muted, variegated blue thread. I covet it. I truly covet it. 


  1. oh, oh, oh. Covet, covet, covet. (And I don't even wear shawls!)

  2. that is simpley stunning!! Tell M they all did good!