Friday, March 11, 2011

Some Catching Up

Ground turkey/veggie/brown rice skillet casserole: aren't these colors gorgeous?

A rainy weekend in town meant snow in the very low elevation mountains next to my recent office. And there were cat tracks on my job site--bobcat tracks!

My Hudson's Bay-inspired blanket, at about 3 ft square. I love this so much I am going to make myself a large one for my living room. It reminds me so much of MoM's Hudson's Bay coat. MoM was out here while I was crocheting this, and was reminiscing about that coat. I always wanted to make off with it one day, and am so disappointed to hear the moths beat me to it. But this is my little ode to my dream cabin in the Adirondacks.
And my guy. What a handsome, sweet goofball. He's lost 5 lbs since his dearest Pupgirl got sick and died (he was at the vet the week before she got sick, so I know exactly how much he weighed before and now after). I am looking for a friend for him. Is this not the most handsome fluffball in the world?

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