Thursday, March 10, 2011

"It'll never go away."

I went to see my dermatologist the other day, a return check-up from 6 months ago because she wanted to check something out. That spot was okay, but she did remove Something That Was Changing, but not serious. Anyway, she asked if I had noticed anything since I'd last been in, so I said "Why yes, this unusual spot on my forehead. What is it?" "Oh, I hate to tell you, but that's an age spot. My assistant calls them wisdom spots. It'll never go away. So don't bother with those creams and things; it'll never fade."

I burst out laughing like a crazy old woman. Mother of Mossy doesn't have age spots, er, wisdom spots on her face, but I do. Where's the justice in that? I had bangs for my entire life until three years ago, so my forehead should have been protected from the evil aging rays of the sun by the impenetrable bang layer. I had accepted the age spots on my hands with only a little grumpiness as I tried to embrace Middle Agedness. But my forehead? C'mon, Mother Nature, I'm trying to age gracefully. Help me out by not testing me like this, okay? Sheesh!

Well, I guess it matches the white streak of hair coming in right in the middle of my forehead (yes, the former bangs are retaliating by turning white). Just like the blaze of a skunk.


  1. This is why God invented hair color, P!
    Of course, I'm going to go gracefully into the gray when I finally get a gray hair, or at least that's what I say NOW, with narry a gray hair on my head...
    Isn't there some sort of Grecian Formula for women, to just touch up the gray?

  2. I'm looking forward to the white hair. I hope my curls look good white instead of mousy brown. I dyed my hair a little in my twenties, but then in thirties only used those that rinse out after 28 days products a few times. Those permanent dyes do a number on hair, and the last thing I want is dry, lifeless, brittle-looking, over processed curls. I'd rather them be white (or gray, if that happens, but everything looks white so far) but still soft and shiny. I guess I have a vain streak after all! LOL

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