Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Adoption Day, D!

Ten years ago today, I decided it was time my beloved George had a cat companion.  I went to the local Humane Society and looked for an older cat. All were kittens save one two-year-old, who'd been there for a couple of months already. The card on her cage said she was friendly. I love tabbies, but didn't want another gray one, because I thought it would remind me too much of my beloved Camille. This one, however, was a long-haired brown tabby, close enough, but distinct enough in her own right. I adopted her right then and there. I had to leave her overnight, for spaying, but when they shaved her belly, they found that she'd already had the surgery. So the next day she came home.

She then spent 6 weeks in the back bedroom, scared to death of the dogs. Finally, she decided to venture out. Naturally, Pupgirl was all over her and she fled back into sanctuary. But seeing George freely moving around, unmolested by the dogs, all those weeks and that little taste of the rest of the world was too much. Two days later she came out and never went back to hiding again.

She still doens't like the white fluffy dogs. But she likes DoodleBug, and will even lick and groom his face and head. I guess brown pets have to stick together against the white fluffsters of doom.

D's very first photo.

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