Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In Which I Get to Continue Celebrating

When I was back east last month, I mentioned to my dear friend L that she and Mr. JD needed to go back to Maine to vacation because my favorite tea mug, which she bought me there many years ago, had chipped and I needed a new one. Who cares if she wants to go somewhere else (Myrtle Beach--c'mon. It's hurricane season, who wants to go there?)--it's all about me. Well, sweet L went online and ordered me a new mug for my birthday! Hooray!! My subtle ploy worked! LOL  Anyway, thank you, my dear friend, for my new mug, which I will use tomorrow morning and think of you every time I use it. Here it is, with its older sibling, which will now be retired so it doesn't chip more, and the delicious-smelling wild blueberry tea that she sent along with it.

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