Monday, July 19, 2010

In Which I Itch

Remember those herbal Chinese medicine plasters I mentioned a few months ago, that had really worked to keep my allergies at bay until the sirroco that blew through the Metropolis in April and nearly blew the town over made me finally start sneezing? Well, my acupuncturist emailed me last week to see if I wanted to participate in the experiment again, and like an idiot I said yes. I mean, after all, it did work, I didn't sneeze, and she had told me last year that in China they do this plaster thing for 3 successive years to treat the allergies for good. So yesterday, I went. I only left them on for an hour and a half (not the three she told me to). Today my back is itching so bad I could scream. And I would if the only coworker here in my office today and not on vacation was not here. ARGH!!!!! I must be crazy!  Please oh please, do not let these erupt into weeping blisters like the final treatment last summer. ARGH!!!!!!!!

Seriously, I must be crazy. I need a slap upside the head.

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