Monday, April 4, 2011

Maybe the Universe IS Shifting

Not to make light of a tragedy, but remember reading about how the earthquakes in Chile and Japan and Haiti affected the rotation of the earth, moved land masses, and affected the length of the day? Here's another improbability, nay, an impossibility, that has recently occurred that seems to indicate some basic, central shift in how the universe works:

I won my office's NCAA bracket.

After about 12 years of coming in last, absolutely dead last.

I don't follow basketball. In fact, I was talking to someone earlier and actually said 'baseball' instead of 'basketball,' that's how uninterested I am. I pick my selections based on the oh-so-scientific methodology of answers to the following types of questions: Did I know someone who went to school there? Have I ever been there? Is their mascot cute?  This year, I picked Connecticut because their husky mascot looks like my beloved Samoyeds. I almost picked Butler because my father went to a Butler High School.

Can you imagine the rent in the universe had I picked both final teams? That would have been beyond explanation, even by Einstein or Dr. Who.

We may be imminently sucked into a black hole. I'm just saying: hold on.


  1. Woohoo! What amazing sporting acumen you have, my dear. I definitely see a future for you in sports reporting :-)

  2. Haha that's so funny, that's usually how I pick sports related things as well! Good for you!