Monday, April 25, 2011

More Roses

Mr. Big and I went back to the park on Easter Sunday so I could take more photos. I love the park on major holidays like this. Families start setting up their spot to picnic before 7 a.m., when I arrived. Blankets, chairs, chaise longues, huge coolers full of food, tables, grills, tents--this year, everybody had a tent. They eat and play and talk and laugh--a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. One family already had staked out what I'd consider the prime spot: between the rose garden and duck pond.

Many of my rose photos did not come out well. My camera is just a small point and shoot, and I have new contact lenses with a stronger bifocal, and my eyes have not adjusted to them yet. Between these two, fuzziness rules the days right now. I'm not sure why blogger insists on turning the horizontal photos during the upload process, but I've loaded, deleted and reloaded photos so many times, I'm giving up. Turn your head sideways to view some photos.


  1. I have that same complaint with Blogger - WHY-OH-WHY must my vertical photos that I turn horizontal and SAVE as horizontal post vertically??? It is SO danged frustrating!

  2. The thing is, I TOOK these as horizontal photos, and they are horizontal on my hard drive, so why oh why is Blogger arbitrarily turning them? It doesn't do that to 85% of my photos, and it's a mystery why the other 15% need to be turned, in its opinion.

    But man oh man! Are the colors of the photos so much deeper and clearer on my work laptop then my home laptop, which is 3 years old. I am totally impressed with my own photos now. Ha ha ha.