Wednesday, April 20, 2011

More Evidence the Universe is Rocking, and, Mr. Big Meets One of His Own

Still don't believe that my winning the NCAA pool (a whopping $60! And no, I didn't spend it all in one place; I bought me a hula hoop--see below--and lunch.) is an indication that universal vortices are spinning out of control, that black holes may imminently suck up the Milky Way, that Big Changes May Be Coming?

I was able to trim both front paws--both!!--of Stripey Girl, at one time, the other night. At one time! Both! At one time! Usually I can only manage 1 or 2 toes, at most, before she hisses, spits, and flees.

If that is not a sign, I don't know what is.

What craziness I'll do for my dog:

Sunday, I had just pulled out of the parking lot at the park when I spied a small SUV driving past, with a beautiful, spakling white Samoyed hanging out the front passenger window, going in the opposite direction. "Hold on!" I yelled, and turned Big Red around to follow it, T and dogs grabbing the sides of the car to hold on as I hurtled after the SUV. I pulled in behind that car, jumped out, and said "Excuse me? I saw your Sammy, and had to show you what's in the back of my car..." She turned, her beautiful Samoyed turned, and I opened the back window. The two Sammies took one look at each other and went leaping for each other. Mr. Big stood on the back gate, tail wagging at super canine speed. Her dog dragged her across the driving lanes to my car and tried to leap into the back (but couldn't). The two of them thrust their heads into each others' fur, sniffing like mad, tails almost wagging completely off. No barking, no growling, not a sound, just huge smiles, dancing eyes, and excited tails whirling at 90 mph.

I refuse to believe anyone who tells me that a dog can't recognize its own breed. This was not his normal reaction by my dog to a dog. This is way he always reacts when he meets another Samoyed. So even though they may not look at themselves in the mirror, or evince any evidence that they recognize self in a human way, clearly, my dog knows one of his own kind when he sees him or her. And it makes him happy.

(By the way, it turns out I'd met this Samoyed before on the river walk, two or three times, when I was helping J train for her 3-day cancer walk. We cover such long distances that Mr. Big never walks these with me, as his back left leg can't take that stress. I didn't recognize the human at all, though. Who looks at the human when there's a beautiful dog to look at?)

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