Monday, May 7, 2012

Pet Therapy Appreciation Party

April 28, 2012, community hospital appreciation party for Pet Therapy program. Missing: about 10 or 12 teams, including the therapy cat, ponies, and miniature donkeys. Yes, cat. Yes, ponies, who once a month give rides to the ambulatory children in pediatrics.

The second photo is of 4 of the 6 golden or golden mixes in the program (missing: Sunshine and her owner, and Dorado, who was preparing for leg surgery but whose owner took this photo).

Nope, no woofs of complaint while we were lining up, no high jinks while waiting for the photo (even from Tall Boy).

And then, we paraded through the hospital. It was a blast. I just wish we could do this during the week when departments were open and more people were there, so we could advertise what therapy animals do to a wider audience.

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  1. How wonderful! My last dog was a therapy dog; we went to the Alzheimer's ward of my grandmother's nursing home. It was the highlight of our week.