Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tall Boy Goes to Law School

Tall Boy recently spent three hours at the local law school, helping the students to de-stress during the final exam period. The experience confirmed my suspicions when I decided to get a golden retriever for my next Delta dog--his strength lies in his breed being so familiar. He played with 15 students, and 6 of them (I counted) walked in and cried "OH! A golden retriever! I had/my parents have a golden retriever!" and then went on to tell me how wonderful the breed is. Pupgirl's therapy strength was her unusual breed and overwhelming gorgeousness that lured even dog-dislikers or dog-fearers over to find out what kind of dog she was and if she was as soft and cloud-like as her coat suggested. His strength is that everyone knows a golden, or knows someone who has a golden, or has seen one in the movies or on television. He may be be common in some ways, but he's very uncommon in so many others.

Tall Boy and Grace on the left, with Grace's human J rewarding the dogs for a job well done.

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