Friday, May 11, 2012


Remember Twizzlers? Those yummy, chocolate, gummy-like shoe laces? I haven't had a Twizzler in 30 or more years. Last week, I was in the grocery store and walked down the candy aisle, which I usually avoid. And there they were. And they called out to me and jumped into my cart. And today, late on a Friday afternoon, stuck in my cubicle when it was gloriously warm and sunny outside and I didn't want to be in that cubicle, I revisited my childhood. The photo says it all.


  1. I love love love Twizzlers, but only the red ones. A few weeks ago, my Love got me a package of them and each rope was nearly 18 inches long! I was in heaven, I tell you! HEAVEN! :D

  2. Noo, no Red Vines here, I'm not a licorice fan (although I'll 'fess up that I did eat the Red Vines they were passing out along the route of the half-marathon I did 2 years ago because I sure needed that sugar boost halfway through). But, I love any little thing that brings a smile to your face, so enjoy yours! I raise my chocolate to your licorice!