Thursday, December 16, 2010

In Which MoM Loses 5 Pounds

Every time MoM visits, she is astonished to discover that she loses weight even though we eat like, well, to be blunt, pigs in this household. Every time I try to explain that I cook from scratch, which means no scary preservatives and calorie-laden mysterious synthetic ingredients. This year, MoM tried to explain the weight loss as a result of her bronchitis, but as that was three weeks ago, and we've been working our way through two bags of cookies from the office party this week, I don't think so. It looks like MoM already got one wish off her holiday list, to lose weight. We'll see how much more she can lose before she leaves. Imag ine what I could with 6 months or more with her. She'd be running marathons! (Okay, just kidding. Sort of.)

Hey, having just reread that ("mysterious synthethic ingredients?"), I realize I have become that tofu-loving, tree-hugging, crazy environmental-protecting happy chick people make fun of. Oh well, could be worse.

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