Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In Which the Sunrise Is Spectacular

Yesterday was not an easy day in the Nest. The surgeon said that Stinkerbelle's lungs are both full of large and small bullae emphysema, and she is therefore not a candidate for surgery. She could have another pnuemothorax this afternoon, in six months, or never. I hate the words "full of it" and "nothing we can do."

So it was an unhappy and somewhat sleepless night in the Nest. But Mr. Big needed his walk this morning regardless of how I felt (Stinkerbelle is still on bedrest until I meet with the surgeon tomorrow to go over her CT scan in person), so I dragged myself out of bed at 6:30. It was that dusky time when the sun is still behind the mountains but light is starting to peep over them, and black night is fleeing westward. Light enough to walk, the dawn version of moody dusk light.

And then the sun rose high enough to set the clouds on fire, and it was breathtaking. A weather front had moved in yesterday, bringing warmish temperatures and high elevation clouds that scudded across the sky, and those sunbeams exploded in Winslow Homer shades, in real life, for the briefest of moments.

First came a deep orange-red, like a blood orange, that slowly filled the sky from east to west. Then the bottoms of the scudding clouds started to turn a deep orange-gold, which looked like waves of molten lava. As the sun finally crested the mountains, bringing with it that clear yellow-gold, the clouds briefly turned peach, then light gold. The sky, visible in long, thin fingers between the clouds, was turquoise.

And then the sun rose above the clouds, and they turned back to grey. Fleeting, magical, mysterious beauty.

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  1. Was waiting for a call yesterday but didn't get one so I figured that you were waiting for more results or the appt was later in the day than I thought...
    This is such maddening news - apparently she's had them for a while [I can't imagine they just show up all of a sudden in quantities like you implied ("full of it")] and yet nothing happened until it did.
    I know that doesn't make it any easier since what happened was spontaneous and not apparently caused by any trauma... That makes it triply hard to keep an eye on her... And then if you see her sneeze or run into the shed or trip over one of her four feet... A panicked several days to see what, if anything, happens...
    Just know we're sending Stinkerbelle prayers her way and asking that He take good care of her.
    Will talk with you later...