Friday, December 31, 2010

In Which We Prepare for 2011

It's official. The 'it' color for 2011 will be hot pink. So says Pantone, the people who decide these things. Today in  the New York Times Home and Garden section was an article about the resurgence of the pink bathroom, how it's all hot and trendy right now.

The first room I painted in my house after I bought it in 2001 was the bathroom, and the color I chose was Pepto Bismol pink. It's official name is something far more romantic like cactus rose or something like that, but it's really Pepto-toned. It actually received guffaws of laughter and squeals of derision from people who visited that first year I lived in the Nest. Quite rude of them, but it is rather an in-your-face, notice me kind of color. This summer I saw a beautiful glassy sea green color in Better Homes and Garden that would match my existing shower curtain, so I thought I'd paint my bathroom this calm, etheral, otherwordly sea green. Now I can't. I'm finally trendy, or at least my bathroom is. Well, sort of, anyway, and it's pretty sad that the only thing trendy about me is my bathroom, which isn't saying much about me, so how can I cover up it's blast of hot pinky goodness when those walls will finally get the respect they deserve?

Here's Le Pepto Toilette. It's true, it's hard to be sad in a pink room. It makes my feel all girly and happy. Besides, there's no actual color known to man that would match the floor tile selected by the previous owners, who tore out the original 1950 bath and put this hideous grayishy-brownishy-pinkishy-peachishy tile that must have been on deep discount in instead. So think pink!! (The floor tile was deliberately not photographed to preserve sensitive stomachs who may be reading this from gastric distress.)

As for 2011, I have several resolutions in mind. Last year it was Living Beautifully on a Budget. This year, it will be Living Painfully on an Even Tighter Budget. But positive thinking and a concerted effort to worry less are also on the list. That last will be hard for worry wort me, but all that worry stresses me and makes life unhappy in the Nest. Taking photos to share here has increased my awareness of everything around me, which is good, so that is on the agenda to be continued. Taking care of my health is a priority, too. I've slacked off these two weeks since the marathon, I admit it, but now that early morning dog park weekends are out of the picture, I may try having tai chi or yoga Sunday mornings instead. I've felt very frazzled the past few years, so I want to re-center.

T and M are joining MoM and me tonight for egg nog cake, Pimm's, and cheese souffle.

May all the change in 2011 be good!!


  1. I believe the official Pantone color is Honeysuckle, a much more romantic name than Hot Pink. You should most definitely use "Cacatus Rose" rather than "Pepto Bismol Pink" when referring to your boudoir...

  2. I saw the Pantone color, a lighter shade than my deep pink bathroom. Ha, I was ahead of my time! Pink is indeed a color of relaxation, and stress-relieving. Perfect for a bathroom.