Thursday, December 9, 2010

In Which I Crochet

Here are a couple of blankets I've made this fall. This large, sea foam green basketweave was made following the Bernat pattern.  I used three skeins of Caron One Pounder. I started this last year, but was stashbusting and didn't want to purchase yarn in 2010. I almost kept to that resolve, too, but I broke down when I needed yarn for the beehive cosy I made crocheting crab for our tea cosy swap, so I thought, hey, why not, buy the third skein and get this one done. So, ta da! Here it is. I used a K hook, much larger than the wrapper says, because I didn't want this to be a blanket of steel, and it's pretty loose and drapey, but thick. It should keep some teenaged girl warm this winter.

I am such a fan of texture. While I love color, I realize stitch definition and texture definitely draw my eye more.

Now, this next pattern is the wavy blanket by Stephanie Gage. I made one last year with carrot, aran, and black from the yarn SweetPea65 gave me. Carrot--skeins and skeins of orange yarn! But it came out fabulous, perfect for Halloween, so I decided this year to make a green and aran one for Christmas. And yes, it's still more of SweetPea's yarn! But I've used up almost 4 of the 5 boxes she gave me over the course of this year (she's as sweet as her name suggests, isn't she?). Mother of Mossy liked this pattern so much, she just learned it and made one in a dark rose, light rose, and white (photo to come). I love how the stitch definition means that the predominant color is different on each side; green on one side, white on the other. On MoM's, the pinks dominant one side, the white the other. She and I decided that it has to do with how the stitches are made and therefore twisted, but all I know is it makes a fun effect and makes this reversible afghan even more delightful.


  1. Texture is very important and does move your eye perhaps even more than color. Love textures! They can make or break any piece.

  2. They're both fantastic. The basketweave blanket is so interesting to look at, it's just the sort of thing you have to touch straightaway. And the ripple afghan is a bit like an optical illusion. Both beautiful.

  3. Do you still have the pattern for the basket weave? Is no longer available on the website since they revamped it. If you could email it to me I would sure appreciate it.
    Thanks so much!